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This Just In: Limited Edition Blueberry Lemon Seed Bars



New on shelves this week: these nut free, gluten free, vegan blueberry lemon seed bars check a lot of boxes for health conscious people – and what do you know- they’re also delicious.

88 Acres actually makes a ton of great stuff (more posts on their seed butters coming soon – they are insanely tasty) out of their small scale bakery in Boston. These bars offer a departure from others on the market – an unexpected combination of lemon and blueberry that doesn’t fall short. You really get that bright, fresh lemon bar flavor on the first bite. Blueberry flavor also comes through strongly, although it’s more subtle. A hearty blend of organic pumpkin seeds, sunflower seed and ground flax bring a hearty flavor that also packs in healthy protein. Maple syrup helps add more sweetness. A slight touch of salt balances it out without being overpowering. This is a chewy bar. (I would love to try this as a crunchy one too! If you know me you know I lean towards crunch, but chewy bars do travel well as opposed to crunchy bars which tend to break into a million lost pieces when you’re eating them.)

This has a blueberry lemon cobbler feel without the guilt.

My only gripe – I wish they weren’t limited edition! Don’t take these away from us!

Nutrition information below.

For more about 88 Acres products visit their website.


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