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What Comes In A Misfits Market Box? We Take A Look!



Food that is perfectly good but isn’t ‘pretty enough’ for people to buy in stores is now available at a lower price, delivered to your door. Is it worth the money? We try the service and see for ourselves.

So here’s the story: as sad as this sounds – people in grocery stores like their food perfect. Unblemished apples. Lovely bananas. Carrots – don’t even get me started on the carrots. Companies have been whittling them down to baby carrots because people were so offended by the misshapen big ones.

In any case, this was in part what led to the birth of Misfits Market – a box delivery of organic foods that are either too ‘ugly,’ not ripe enough, or in too small a quantity for a grocery store to want them. These forgotten foods are now available to people who are willing to throw caution to the wind and just be pleasantly surprised with what comes.

We decided to see what a typical box might be like. Mind you, there IS no typical box except for that it is organic, a surprising variety, and a decent quantity. Here’s our video. And below THAT, another list of what came in during a previous week.

So here’s what was in the box in the video above:


4 plums

Small bunch of lettuce

3 apples

2 cucumbers

1 acorn squash

2 grapefruits

1 cabbage

1 small bunch of fennel

3 carrots

2 yams

5 onions

AND in a previous box, another fun, plentiful bounty:

1 boy choy

3 small peaches

4 oranges

2 green bell peppers, slightly misshapen

1 yellow round sqaush

3 yellow longer squashes

2 mangoes

1 bunch of dandelion greens

1 small bunch of salad greens

1 long seedless cucumber

1 leek

In conclusion, we really loved the variety, and yes, the excitement of being surprised by what would come in! We definitely felt like we got our money’s worth – organic food is often quite pricey, and they definitely make sure you get what they promise – lots of food, lots of variety -and a bit of imperfection here and there. (But honestly, there wasn’t much that was misshapen or weird looking!

Now you know – check it out for yourself! Please note that this post was not sponsored.


This Just In: Limited Edition Blueberry Lemon Seed Bars



New on shelves this week: these nut free, gluten free, vegan blueberry lemon seed bars check a lot of boxes for health conscious people – and what do you know- they’re also delicious.

88 Acres actually makes a ton of great stuff (more posts on their seed butters coming soon – they are insanely tasty) out of their small scale bakery in Boston. These bars offer a departure from others on the market – an unexpected combination of lemon and blueberry that doesn’t fall short. You really get that bright, fresh lemon bar flavor on the first bite. Blueberry flavor also comes through strongly, although it’s more subtle. A hearty blend of organic pumpkin seeds, sunflower seed and ground flax bring a hearty flavor that also packs in healthy protein. Maple syrup helps add more sweetness. A slight touch of salt balances it out without being overpowering. This is a chewy bar. (I would love to try this as a crunchy one too! If you know me you know I lean towards crunch, but chewy bars do travel well as opposed to crunchy bars which tend to break into a million lost pieces when you’re eating them.)

This has a blueberry lemon cobbler feel without the guilt.

My only gripe – I wish they weren’t limited edition! Don’t take these away from us!

Nutrition information below.

For more about 88 Acres products visit their website.

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CRUNCH TIME: All We Are Saying, Is Give (Chick)Peas A Chance



The Good Bean Chili Lime Chick Peas deliver on taste, crunch and nutrition.

Generally speaking, when a snack food starts right out of the gate with ‘good for you,’ I’m don’t exactly get jazzed. I mean, in general my whole goal with a snack is to be wowed by the taste! Tell me they’re delicious first AND good for you! I’m doubly delighted when something tasty delivers on both. These do just that.

Chick peas are getting their due as a truly healthy vessel for flavor and spices. In crispy savory snacks, it’s all about the powder coating. After all, those corn chips in all sorts of zesty, fiery, cool ranchy, tasty flavors you’ve been eating? They get that flavor from the seasonings coated on TOP of the chip, not so much the chip itself. So it stands to reason that if a chick pea can deliver on a crunchy consistency, why couldn’t it take on some great flavor and replace your chip fix?

My go-to flavor for these chips were the chili lime,but they also come in sea salt, classic hummus, sweet cinnamon and thai coconut.

The chili lime deliver a healthy crunch, which is saying something considering how soft you’re used to seeing them. The flavor of lime gives a sour edge to the chili, which is about a six on the heat scale – not a bother for those who are wary of spicy foods. Just the right amount of salt makes this an addictive snack you won’t feel terrible about.

So let’s get to the dry side of things: Why are they better for you? They’re high in protein and fiber which make you feel fuller faster, and high fiber foods help prevent heart disease. Plus, a chick pea snack has a fraction of the processing involved in making a lot of crackers and chips out there. They also have a fairly low glycemic index (GI), which is a marker of how rapidly your blood sugar rises after eating a food.

This particular snack is certified gluten-free, vegan, and NON-GMO Project verified.

Did I also mention they’re delicious??

Available at grocery stores on Amazon or their own website.

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CRUNCH TIME: How Do Mochi Rice Bites ‘Snack Up?’



That was a play on ‘stack up’ – get it?  Anyway…you don’t usually say ‘mochi’ and ‘crunch’ together – until now. Here’s why, and what makes this gluten free snack is so addictive.

Okay, are you ready for a freaky story? First, know that Sun Tropics’ Sriracha Mochi Rice Bites are easy to eat, crunchy and delicious. They’re inspired by traditional Japanese soft rice dough. But these are cooked until they’re crunchy and come in easy to eat bites. They’re tasty and easy to eat.

Okay, here comes from the wild part:

If you haven’t had actual mochi before, there’s an interesting backstory: Mochi is a traditional Japanese soft rice that is steamed, pounded and mashed and then formed into buns made of soft and chewy rice. And I mean CHEWY. They’re hugely popular around the New Year where they are often served cooked in vegetable broth. They look harmless enough, but officials in Japan usually issue warnings that their ‘hard-to-eat’ nature make them a choking hazard! As in, several people (kids and the elderly) had apparently died from suffocation because they didn’t CHEW THEM ENOUGH. Yeesh.


These are cut into delicious, crunchy nuggets full of flavor. I’m a crunch person. These deliver on that in spades. The flavor has just enough of a pop or sriracha heat, but will not overblast you for shock value. Think of a medium buffalo wing type of flavor. (In fact these could easily have been called Buffalo bites in another scenario. The heat and the crunch make this a seriously addictive snack.

The line of bites offers Asian inspired flavors that also inlcude Tamari, Tokyo Curry, and Sea Salt.

These are also VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE and have no MSG. (You’d be surprised how many of the snacks – especially flavored chips you’re eating all the time do us MSG.)

They’re available at health food stores, and online, although the prices online seem to be higher than you’ll pay in a grocery store.

Give them a try!


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