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SNACKS AND THE CITY: The Surprising Place You’ll Find This Delicious Shaved Vegetable Salad



Salads aren’t exactly hard to come by – but this refreshingly unique take is definitely a standout. And where can you get it? The rooftop of NYC’s Restoration Hardware store, of all places!

The store, which now goes by RH, is at first glance solely a furniture store, but the rooftop is another story. RH Rooftop is a beautiful open space with crystal chandeliers, marble tables and groomed trees that blends seamlessly with the outdoor seating, which also has trees of exactly the same shape and size. (No small feat given the fact that the interior trees are artificial, but nonetheless perfect.)

There is no shortage of dining options on the menu (I will say I loved the grilled cheese) but I really want to show you the shaved vegetable salad.

A beautiful portion of shaved vegetables include shaved yellow and candy cane beets, carrots, turnips and flat leaf parsley mingle with mixed greens and cider vinaigrette. The underplayed but breakout star of the dish is the crushed pecans that really take the dish to the next level. The salad is not only delicious, it is LIGHT, and also filling. It’s definitely worth trying in person or making it in your own home! There are a wide variety of recipe incarnations to be found (simply search shaved vegetable salad or click here.) Served in a heaping bowl, or here, plated, the shaved vegetables especially the colorful beets, make it a showstopper.

To check out the full menu, visit their website!


Light and Lovely Butter Lettuce With Goat Cheese, Radishes and Lemon Vinaigrette



The smoothness of butter lettuce and creaminess of goat cheese gets a snap of flavor from thinly sliced radishes. Sweet and tangy lemon vinaigrette make this a light, lovely salad.

This salad is a perfect, light starter to any meal. It’s crisp, fresh and just feels right.

For me, stronger flavors like onions and radishes are always better when thinly chopped or diced, ensuring that people aren’t blasted with just one intense flavor. This is about all the ingredients playing well together. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!

Here’s how to make it!

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