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Egg Peeling Hack Goes Viral – Have You Tried It And Does It Work?



We’ve tried everything when it comes to how we BOIL the egg for easy peeling. But are we peeling them correctly in the first place? 

This tweet from a use named “Back To Nature” set the platform on boil – (not fire, naturally) with this hack. Similar approaches have been seen before, but clearly people still needed to hear it, because it went nuts. 

Take a look… then weigh in on whether it works for you in the poll below. It’s worth a mention that people were pretty PISSED that he kept the water running. 





Baked Eggs Make Breakfast More Special



Whether you’re cooking for guests or want to make your own morning feel more special, cooking eggs in mini cocettes or dutch ovens make your meal next level. This recipe is easy. Don’t feel constrained by the ingredients list! If you like tomato, add tomato! Herbs you love? Why not? The key is to follow the timing for how you cook the eggs through to your desired level of doneness.

Hope you enjoy!

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