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Try This: RealGood Foods Keto Friendly Sausage Breakfast Sandwich



I’m always on the hunt for a keto friendly food that delivers on taste. This past fall when I noticed my clothes were getting a LITTTTTTLE BIT TIGHT – I was faced with two choices – eat better and exercise, or buy new clothes. And while I love a shopping trip, it was time to get a better handle on my diet. Keto, the low carb program, really worked for me. Now, while I’m not crazily eating fat bombs and micromanaging my calories and carb counts, I have consistently been at a weight I am happy with for seven months, and it’s in large part due to the keto friendly and low carb foods I’ve leaned in on to keep things in check.

One of the brands I’ve turned to is RealGood Foods. which makes low carb, keto friendly options. I discovered them when I found their pizza made with a chicken breast as the crust, (it’s a delicious morphing of pizza meets chicken parm) and now they’ve launched a sausage and egg breakfast sandwich.

What keeps this sandwich from jumping off the carb charts is a ‘muffin’ made of cauliflower and cheeses instead of processed flours. The sandwich is a great substitute for the ‘real’ thing – I myself add no-sugar added ketchup because I grew up with them that way – (I know that’s controversial!) It’s OK! We can agree to disagree on it if you’re not the ketchup type! 😉 I wouldn’t turn my nose up at adding another slice of melty cheese because cheese is my weakness. Yes, that’s a lot of cheese, but you don’t really taste the cheese as much in the bun. 

Without my additions, the sandwich has just two net carbs (keto carb counting subtracts out the fiber,) and that makes this a GREAT option. I will definitely be buying it again!

For more info on realgood foods, visit their website!

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