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This Dumpling Folding Tutorial Is The Most Visually Satisfying Thing You’ll See All Day



These are dim-sum of the most beautiful dumplings ever created!

I know you’re not supposed to play with your food but how can you resist when these dumpling designs look like the most epic play dough creations ever? The YouTube channel, So Yummy, released an instructional video detailing the steps on making 10 different, intricate dumpling designs…and let me just tell you, nothing I ever created in my play dough factory came close to looking like any of these. The video demonstrates techniques such as the pinch braid, the rose bud and the dahlia with each completed design looking like a museum masterpiece. You may have to watch the video more than once, however, because something about watching the sophisticated process accompanied by the upbeat music puts you in a bit of a trance. It’s almost like food meditation? Did I just invent that?

In any event, we all have a little extra time on our hands these days so why not try one (or all) of these folding techniques at home? The channel even provides a recipe for their dumpling dough:

Dumpling Dough

Prep Time 1 hour

Total Time 1 hour

Yield 30-35 dumpling wrappers


2 ¼ cups flour

¾ cup warm water (between 110-120°F)

Pinch of salt (optional)


1. In a medium bowl, combine the flour and warm water until it becomes shaggy. With your hands, knead the shaggy dough inside the bowl until it comes together to form a ball. Cover the bowl with a damp towel and let rest for 15 minutes.

2. After resting, transfer the ball of dough onto a clean surface and knead firmly until it becomes smooth and elastic (about 2-4 minutes.) Cover with a damp cloth and rest again, for 30 minutes.

3. After the second rest, take your thumb and press firmly into the center of the dough ball. Using both hands, begin to squeeze and stretch the dough until you create a big donut shape with a large hole in the center.

4. Slice the “donut” into even pieces of desired size. Keep covered with a damp cloth, and when ready to use, roll pieces out individually into thin wrappers. (Optional: Trim wrappers using a large circle cookie cutter, for a clean edge.)

5. Fill the wrappers with desired filling, and fold to form designs of your liking! Cook, eat, and enjoy.

Seems simple enough! Zen out and check out the video below!

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Six Easy Drink Garnishes Your Guests Will Love



Garnishes are the ‘jewelry’ of a drink – they help make a statement, but a little can go a long way. 

Here are some easy-to-do accents for any beverage you’re serving.


When I look for rosemary at the grocery store, I always seek out the longest spears possible. (Even better, plant it in your yard! It smells amazing and grows to be sturdy and plentify.) In the case of this peach bellini mocktail, I used a chopstick to poke a small hole in a peach or nectarine slice, and pull the rosemary through! It always draws a gasp from anyone who grabs a glass.


This is so easy. With the help of a skewer, just a simple twist of stacked apples turns into something simple, delicious and eye catching.


Edible flowers can be bought online or at some grocery stores (I often see them in the herb section at whole foods.) Don’t by them from the flower section, as they often have insecticides on them.

Once you find them, drizzling a few on top (don’t overdo it – they’re more attractive than they are flavorfulor poking through a piece of dried fruit can take your drink to the next level! (Or, buy edible food glue (bake shops and amazon) and attach them to the rim or the fruit directly. In one case here, the drink is further enhanced with a crushed candy powder rim. The second drink, below is from Domingo in San Antonio, and it’s a delicious combo of tamarind soda, tequila, and more.


When I really wanted to take spa water to the next level, I decided to cut a cucumber into squares, hence the name ‘cuke cubes’. But the simple stunner here is when you take an english cucumber (they’re long and wrapped in plastic at the store because their thing is skin and delicate – and use a vegetable peeler to create a long strip. Layer into a scroll and skewer it… carefully unfold it a bit and you’ve got an eye catching garnish!


There’s something beautiful about a sprig of a dry herb resting on a cocktail glass. In this case, thai basil, but a sprig of lavender or thyme also look distinctive resting on top of a foamy drink, plus a slice of lime, takes the drink to the next level. In this case, a partially salted rim rounds out the flavor profile. This cocktail is from the Weho Bistro and I won’t soon forget it.

I hope a few of these inspire you to try something new with your mocktails and cocktails!

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These French Onion Soup Dumplings Are Easy and DELISH



I can’t tell you how good theses are. I tried them at a restaurant and couldn’t stop thinking about them! So I figured out how to make them. It was remarkably easy for something so popping with flavor!

If you have any questions, email or DM me on TikTok! Hope you enjoy!

@brianbalthazar These FRENCH ONION SOUP DUMPLINGS are so EASY and SO DELISH! #food #cooking #foodtiktok ♬ original sound – Brian Balthazar

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Make Scallops More! Here’s How… Including A Cheesy Cauliflower Puree That’s A Gamechanger.



Serving scallops is elegant. Cooking them is remarkably simple. Add in this cauliflower puree and you’ll wow everyone.

It’s well documented that my pet peeve is food blogs that ramble on excessively about the food when we all know you just want the recipe. So I’ll try and keep this concise. This is delicious. 

  • Few people seem to serve scallops at a dinner party. But they’re incredibly easy to prepare and when done right (not overcooked) and spiced simply, they are a crowd pleaser.
  • I like to serve scallops as a first course or an appetizer. A few of these set a nice tone for the rest of the meal, making everything seem a little elevated.
  • I love a smear or spread of some sort of puree under the scallops. Here I feature cauliflower, but the add-ins give this a delightful creamy, savory taste that will win over even those who dread the vegetable. But that said, if cauliflower isn’t your thing, substitute it with two 12 ounce bags of frozen peas and all the same extra ingredients.

Hope you enjoy!

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