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Trying Out The Single Slice Crispy Sandwich Maker



This weekend I tried out a new product that’s been crowdsourcing on IndieGogo. (The link is here.)

It’s called a Crispy Sandwich Maker, made by Apod.

I always love trying out a new gadget, so it was fun to see how this one would play out.  What makes this one a bit different than most sandwich makers is that this only requires just one single slice of bread to make a compact, easy to eat snack that can be sweet or savory. It can be used over a gas stove flame, or, with caution, a campfire, although the design’s arm length better lends itself to a smaller flame like a home kitchen stove.

Because I love a s’more, I decided to do an interpretation of that using  nutella spread and marshmallow spread. My friend John and I were happily making these little sandwiches in the kitchen while I friends taste tested the results along the way.

While the product description says that it requires no oil, we did decide to butter the bread to give a nice brown color to the sandwich, although it could easily be done without it.

The results of the nutella and marshmallow spread crispy sandwiches were consistent and delicious. After about two minutes per side, sandwiches were golden brown and the inside filling was oozy and delicious.

Then it was on to make a savory snack in the form of a crispy ham and cheese with dijon. Again, about two minutes on each side over the flame was just enough to brown the bread and warm up the savory fillings.

This was a fun gadget to play with, and the results were delicious. All in all, everyone gave the results a thumbs up!

To be part of this indiegogo campaign, visit this link!

Make It Yourself

I Tried Making Oven Dried Strawberries – Should You?



You see the recipes everywhere online – is it worth your time?

More than likely you’ve seen the posts – ‘drying your own strawberries is easy and it tastes like candy!’  But is it true?

The process seems easy enough-  set your oven on it’s lowest setting – 170 degrees, (or 200, if your oven doesn’t go below that), slice your strawberries, place them on on a baking pan, and wait. For hours. (Some recipes say three, some say four, but in all honesty, its something you want to check every hour anyway.) The result is a mix of berries that can range between chewy and crispy depending on how you cut them and how long they bake for.

(It’s important to note that dried or dehydrated strawberries are not the same as FREEZE DRIED strawberries, which is when the berries have no moisture at all in them, which is not something you can really do at home that easily – freeze drying is an expensive process which uses equipment that few of us can afford to put in our house. (This at-home freeze dryer costs over $2,000) But the truth is, the dehydrated or oven dried strawberries are delicious just as they are.

So what’s the verdict. Is it worth it?

The reality is, the process is easy. It requires very little work. For my test, I tried cutting the strawberries two different ways. Some recipes call for you to slice them into flat slices, others refer to cutting them into quarters. I thought I’d try both.

I set my oven to 200 degrees, and since I have a convection oven, I decided that yes, I wanted that warm air to move things along. I put the berries on a silicone nonstick baking mat – it stands to reason that fruit is going to lean towards sticking on a metal surface. I highly recommend the mat. Sticking was not an issue. Halfway through I did turn the flat berries over, and the quartered berries I simply shuffled around a bit.

In about three hours, they were done. They were delicious, although it’s important to note they will only be as delicious as the berries were before you dried them. If they weren’t super sweet to begin with, you might want to sprinkle a touch of sugar on them – but to me that defeated the purpose of making a more healthy ‘candy.’

Drying your own strawberries is easy, although it won’t produce a huge bounty unless you dry a lot of them.


Was it worth it?

Okay – here’s what I hadn’t expected – which was silly, because it’s SO OBVIOUS.

Sixteen ounces of sliced strawberries dried up until they are a shadow of their former selves is NOT GOING TO YIELD MUCH OF NATURE’S CANDY!

I mean, this should have been obvious to me!  But factor in that you’re drying these things out within an inch of their lives, and also – let’s be honest – you’re snaking and testing them as you’re baking them – so next thing you know you have a handful of berry slices. Are the delicious? Absolutely!

Are you saving money? Hard to say. A 16 ounce package of strawberries cost me $3.50 the weekend I bought them. By the time I was done I probably had four ounces of dried berries.

This sixteen ounce package of dehydrated strawberries is available online for 12.99 – that’s the weight of the strawberries AFTER drying. Some of them run for twice that much.

A package of freeze dried strawberries – the ones that are crunchy and dry – can go for much more. Just two ounces costs 8 dollars. That’s a lot.

Would I do it again?

At first, I thought, NO. But damned if I didn’t find myself always going back to those berries and snacking on them. They were delicious. Does it taste like candy? Okay, calm down, it’s not candy, (and that’s a good thing.)  It’s sweet and delicious. Not perfectly sweet, sometimes sour, sometimes slightly crispy, sometimes chewy… and I loved that. There was very little work involved, and the house smelled amazing. And lastly, the truth is I like doing this kind of thing. That’s why I’m here. That’s why WE are here. So why not? It’s fun. 

So the verdict – make them, but make a lot of them. Eat them alone, put them on ice cream, and impress your friends – or at the very least – impress yourself.



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Snackist Tried It

Check Out Some Of The Unusual Things Brian Balthazar Has Eaten On ‘The Wendy Williams Show’



You’ve seen pop culture expert, Brian Balthazar, appear on The Wendy Williams Show quite a bit over the last few years. He even co-hosted the show on three separate occasions. It wasn’t until his last visit where he and Jason Biggs chowed down on a KFC Cheetos Chicken Sandwich that it hit me: Being on the daytime talk show makes Brian Balthazar hungry!

The proof is in the pudding…pun definitely intended. Carla Hall made sure to bring some snacks for Brian when they cohosted together.

Sure, Wendy is known for telling us to “grab a snack and come on back”…

But you’d have to be absolutely famished to want to eat fish sliders at 10am.

He’s gotten so hungry he resorted to eating GRASSHOPPER TACOS on the show!

Could it be that Brian isn’t actually hungry though? Could he just be a brave soul willing to be the taste tester so we don’t have to? Could my theory be flawed?!

I suddenly feel like maybe we owe Brian a big thanks…

Either way, it’s fun to watch! Click below to take a look at a compilation of all the fun stuff Brian Balthazar has eaten on The Wendy Williams Show!

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Snackist Tried It

What Comes In A Misfits Market Box? We Take A Look!



Food that is perfectly good but isn’t ‘pretty enough’ for people to buy in stores is now available at a lower price, delivered to your door. Is it worth the money? We try the service and see for ourselves.

So here’s the story: as sad as this sounds – people in grocery stores like their food perfect. Unblemished apples. Lovely bananas. Carrots – don’t even get me started on the carrots. Companies have been whittling them down to baby carrots because people were so offended by the misshapen big ones.

In any case, this was in part what led to the birth of Misfits Market – a box delivery of organic foods that are either too ‘ugly,’ not ripe enough, or in too small a quantity for a grocery store to want them. These forgotten foods are now available to people who are willing to throw caution to the wind and just be pleasantly surprised with what comes.

We decided to see what a typical box might be like. Mind you, there IS no typical box except for that it is organic, a surprising variety, and a decent quantity. Here’s our video. And below THAT, another list of what came in during a previous week.

So here’s what was in the box in the video above:


4 plums

Small bunch of lettuce

3 apples

2 cucumbers

1 acorn squash

2 grapefruits

1 cabbage

1 small bunch of fennel

3 carrots

2 yams

5 onions

AND in a previous box, another fun, plentiful bounty:

1 boy choy

3 small peaches

4 oranges

2 green bell peppers, slightly misshapen

1 yellow round sqaush

3 yellow longer squashes

2 mangoes

1 bunch of dandelion greens

1 small bunch of salad greens

1 long seedless cucumber

1 leek

In conclusion, we really loved the variety, and yes, the excitement of being surprised by what would come in! We definitely felt like we got our money’s worth – organic food is often quite pricey, and they definitely make sure you get what they promise – lots of food, lots of variety -and a bit of imperfection here and there. (But honestly, there wasn’t much that was misshapen or weird looking!

Now you know – check it out for yourself! Please note that this post was not sponsored.

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