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A Delicious Pina Colada You Won’t Feel Crappy About Drinking



Half the calories… and just as good!

Every time I go on a beach vacation I order a PiñaColada – and every time I feel like I ate a big glass of sugar. Delicious, but was it worth it? Turns out, probably not. The average Piña Colada has between 300 and 800 calories! That’s why I set out to create one that is just as delicious but with a fraction of the calories. I am not kidding when I say this is a DELICIOUS PINA COLADA. It doesn’t taste like you’re sacrificing a thing! And trust me, I’m not one to say something that’s low calorie is delicious if it isn’t.

Here’s what you need: (This recipe serves at least four… below the recipe is a single serving breakdown that shows you how many calories you get for one serving.)

pina colada topsINGREDIENTS:

8 ounces Coconut Rum (We used Captain Morgan’s Parrot Pay )

8 ounces Pineapple Juice (We used Dole)

8 ounces Coconut Milk (We used Silk) This is where you’re REALLY saving calories. Your usual Pina Colada uses Coconut cream – which is about 130 calories for just one ounce! Coconut Milk is about 10 calories for one ounce, and you won’t notice a difference!)

6 cups of ice.

Blend all the ingredients together until smooth, and serve in a tall glass with the garnishes of your choice… cherries, pineapple slices, a spice of coconut… get creative! Enjoy this guilt free, delicious take on a tropical classic! Now… below is the breakdown of the calories per glass: For more recipes, follow @BrianBalthazar on twitter!


Let’s Make An Orange Rosemary Gin and Tonic! Even If It Rains.



Sometimes your best laid plans are all wet. Take my efforts to create another refreshing outdoor cocktail as part of my recurring drink series “The Slap-Happy Gartender.” I saw the most gorgeous orange colored rose outside, so I decided orange (not rose!) was going to play a role. So I put together a simple, refreshing Orange Rosemary Gin and Tonic. YES! SIMPLE! Because not every drink has to be a major production!
Then it rained. But I will not be discouraged or stopped! 😉
Without further ado, here’s my recipe for a quick cocktail IN THE RAIN!


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Six Easy Drink Garnishes Your Guests Will Love



Garnishes are the ‘jewelry’ of a drink – they help make a statement, but a little can go a long way. 

Here are some easy-to-do accents for any beverage you’re serving.


When I look for rosemary at the grocery store, I always seek out the longest spears possible. (Even better, plant it in your yard! It smells amazing and grows to be sturdy and plentify.) In the case of this peach bellini mocktail, I used a chopstick to poke a small hole in a peach or nectarine slice, and pull the rosemary through! It always draws a gasp from anyone who grabs a glass.


This is so easy. With the help of a skewer, just a simple twist of stacked apples turns into something simple, delicious and eye catching.


Edible flowers can be bought online or at some grocery stores (I often see them in the herb section at whole foods.) Don’t by them from the flower section, as they often have insecticides on them.

Once you find them, drizzling a few on top (don’t overdo it – they’re more attractive than they are flavorfulor poking through a piece of dried fruit can take your drink to the next level! (Or, buy edible food glue (bake shops and amazon) and attach them to the rim or the fruit directly. In one case here, the drink is further enhanced with a crushed candy powder rim. The second drink, below is from Domingo in San Antonio, and it’s a delicious combo of tamarind soda, tequila, and more.


When I really wanted to take spa water to the next level, I decided to cut a cucumber into squares, hence the name ‘cuke cubes’. But the simple stunner here is when you take an english cucumber (they’re long and wrapped in plastic at the store because their thing is skin and delicate – and use a vegetable peeler to create a long strip. Layer into a scroll and skewer it… carefully unfold it a bit and you’ve got an eye catching garnish!


There’s something beautiful about a sprig of a dry herb resting on a cocktail glass. In this case, thai basil, but a sprig of lavender or thyme also look distinctive resting on top of a foamy drink, plus a slice of lime, takes the drink to the next level. In this case, a partially salted rim rounds out the flavor profile. This cocktail is from the Weho Bistro and I won’t soon forget it.

I hope a few of these inspire you to try something new with your mocktails and cocktails!

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Make This, Sip This: You’re Going To Love A Pisco Sour



This is a cocktail classic you really should try. It’s just ‘extra’ enough without being a lot of work. Your friends and houseguests will be impressed because it’s not something people ordinarily order, so when they see you make one, they’ll be eager to try it.


And while this recipe – seen in the video below – DOES call for egg white, it also can be substituted for chickpea ‘brine’ or the liquid you find in a can of the beans. (Or, a powder version you can buy online.)

Watch the video and see how it’s done!!! I seriously love them!


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