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Make Scallops More! Here’s How… Including A Cheesy Cauliflower Puree That’s A Gamechanger.



Serving scallops is elegant. Cooking them is remarkably simple. Add in this cauliflower puree and you’ll wow everyone.

It’s well documented that my pet peeve is food blogs that ramble on excessively about the food when we all know you just want the recipe. So I’ll try and keep this concise. This is delicious. 

  • Few people seem to serve scallops at a dinner party. But they’re incredibly easy to prepare and when done right (not overcooked) and spiced simply, they are a crowd pleaser.
  • I like to serve scallops as a first course or an appetizer. A few of these set a nice tone for the rest of the meal, making everything seem a little elevated.
  • I love a smear or spread of some sort of puree under the scallops. Here I feature cauliflower, but the add-ins give this a delightful creamy, savory taste that will win over even those who dread the vegetable. But that said, if cauliflower isn’t your thing, substitute it with two 12 ounce bags of frozen peas and all the same extra ingredients.

Hope you enjoy!

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